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We supply RADIATORS in different versions. The standard panel radiators, the old-fashioned member radiators, the luxury design radiators and the handy bathroom towel radiators. Panel radiators are the most common radiators and most used radiators. You have also come to the right place for replacing existing standard radiators.

Gone are the days when radiators only provided heat. Today, design is at least as important. After all, the radiator is increasingly seen as a fully-fledged interior object. There is a choice of a large number of basic shapes with dimensions and heat outputs that are tailored to practice and that can be produced as a special shape.

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Knowledge and advice

In combination with central heating or floor or wall heating, it is nice to be able to provide extra heating. Ideal to choose an electric radiator. Temperature is an important factor for a healthy indoor climate.

In a healthy indoor climate with temperatures of 16 to 20 °C, the relative humidity is between 40 and 60 percent. However, rooms often have higher air temperatures at a relative humidity of 30 percent or lower. This is not desirable.

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The Sentimo Radiator Cover is a unique metal cover that you can easily place over your current radiator. The radiator cover is easy to install and stays in place thanks to the ultra strong magnets.


With the Sentimo Radiator Cover you give your existing radiator a new look in -literally- a click.

Impression Radiators
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