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In our well-arranged showroom we offer a complete overview of what is for sale in 'Kitchenland'. Every 'kitchen style' is widely available. And of course countless variations are possible.
When you visit our showroom, it is easy if you make a simple plan (measurements in centimeters) of your current kitchen and bring it with you. This speeds up making the best kitchen solution.
Tristar Keukens

Tristar Kitchens

Tristar kitchens knows no boundaries in your kitchen design. You never have to make concessions to your idea and the layout.

Tristar kitchens and we convert your personal wishes into a thorough, practical kitchen design. There are plenty of options.


Handleless: Stubbornly contemporary. Such are the modern handle-less kitchens from Tristar. Functional and beautiful go hand in hand. A joy to look at, a joy to cook in!

Classic: Modern comfort in a stylish jacket: those are the classic kitchens. A sight to see and a pleasure to cook in. Nostalgic: Warm and atmospheric: the nostalgic kitchens are "old-fashioned" cozy. Partly because of this, everyone immediately feels at home. At the same time, you can enjoy the most modern kitchen gadgets.


Modern: sleek and light

Brigitte Kitchens

New innovations, lots of color and personal, extravagant creations. Kitchens for your business premises, apartment or starting daughter or son?


At Brigitte kitchens, the possibilities are endless, and all this at very affordable prices. Anyone who loves color and trends in kitchen furniture will love this collection, because the combination options are virtually unlimited.

Be surprised by a wide range of colours, decors, wood replicas for cabinets and fronts. There is also a lot of news for worktops: trendy decors in all kinds of unusual colours.


classic; Prism Mansion; Granada Contemporary; Delta Nature; Chalet Without handles; XDelta

Brigitte modern 1.jpg


Founded in 1945, it is now the largest kitchen manufacturer in Germany. The range offers a wide spectrum. From modern and trendy, via classic and timeless to a southern European country house style.


A cleverly structured range of types offers individual design solutions, tailor-made for every kitchen space. Quality made in Germany'.

Nobilia kitchens express the lifestyle of many people. In addition, Nobilia kitchens have an excellent price-quality ratio. And quality is central to us. And that certainly applies to us in production, but also in service. You can rely on that!

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