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Cema BV is a CBW-approved home furnishings store, which offers you not only many advantages but also, above all, more security. Shops that are CBW-approved apply general terms and conditions that protect you as a consumer extra well. They have been drawn up in collaboration with the Consumers' Association. This includes all rules that are important to you when you buy something, for example about payment, cancellation, delivery time, delivery, transport and warranty.

CBW-approved stores offer more security than other home furnishings stores, because they use a recognition scheme with 3 guarantees. In the field of secure (deposit) payment, for example. Your deposit is a maximum of 25%. This is 15% for kitchens, sanitary facilities and hard floors. And only upon delivery (and not before) do you pay the full amount. If a CBW-approved shop goes bankrupt, you will not lose your deposit*. CBW-approved stores also offer an extra product guarantee. And if you have a complaint and still cannot resolve it together, there is an independent disputes committee, which is guaranteed to provide a suitable solution. Your legal protection is therefore optimal. We supply central heating boilers in the brands (HR boilers): Itho, Nefit, AWB, Vaillant, Remeha, Intergas HR boilers and Atag. Compare the different models of high-efficiency central heating combi boilers for tap water and heating 

What are your guarantees as a consumer? Buying from a CBW-approved home furnishings store offers many advantages, but above all more security.

  1. Extra warranty CBW stores offer an extra good product warranty 

  2. Secure (deposit) payment You can pay without risk*. You only pay the remaining amount upon delivery.

  3. Impartial complaint handling If you ever have a complaint, there is the independent Housing Disputes Committee.

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