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Witte badkamer



Where one person finds the bath indispensable, for the other a shower is an absolute wish. Choose one or two washbasins or perhaps a beautiful bathroom furniture. A wall closet, bidet or a sensor wash where you combine both.


Would you like a steam cabin or walk-in shower, possibly with a waterfall or a whirlpool, all questions we can help you with. We advise you in a distinctive way and in peace about everything there is to offer.

Our showroom has about 30 configurations of bathrooms, toilet areas, bathroom furniture and shower walls, etc. It goes without saying that we also have a wide collection of design radiators and electric underfloor heating. There is also no shortage of tiles. You can choose from a collection of different wall and floor tiles with a wide variety of colors and designs, possibly with matching decors and mosaics.


Sanitary ware comes in a wide range and from manufacturers from many countries. That is why we have made a choice from a number of brands of sanitary ware and taps, which we are convinced that we can supply a reliable product with a good price-quality ratio.

You can admire all the big names in the showroom, which guarantee you comfort and lots of water fun. We cordially invite you to visit our showroom where the world of plumbing will open up to you. If desired, our sanitary specialist can advise you and you will be surprised at what we have to offer.

Black & White Collection

Black&White Collection Novellini The minimalist style of the lofts in the metropolises extends to the bathroom. The choice mainly falls on honest materials and the color palette is white. White is bright, essential and sophisticated. It enhances shapes and textures and emphasizes design. White makes the room shine and ensures a neutral and timeless result. 

The impact of a bathroom that uses bold blacks is unparalleled; this latest interior trend is inspired by the robust industrial look of yesteryear. Black is a powerful, elegant and luxurious color. It makes shapes stand out better and accentuates contrasts. Black also radiates energy and vitality. Young 2.0 is versatile and adapts to an infinite number of situations. The shower enclosures make maximum use of space thanks to the slim frame and generous glass dimensions. 

Walk in Pro!

The new Walk In Pro Concept from bathroom expert HSK sets new standards for bathroom planning with the divisible front panel for the floor-level shower. The generous shower enclosure can be easily transported through narrow stairwells or difficult passageways and installed on site.


With the option of combining different types of glass and mirror glass, a stylish variety of design options is created for the bathroom.


The Walk-In Pro concept. The front panel is divisible into two or three elements for easy transport and assembly. A special sealing strip and narrow profiles connect the glass securely and permanently with easy installation. For wall mounting, the wall connection profile can be mounted on the tiles, in the tile joint or on the wall as desired.


The front panel can simply be slid into the wall connection profile and adjusted. The completely new all-metal stabilizing support ensures a firm hold - even with large front elements. With its striking design, it is also a stylish eye-catcher.

sun shower!

Sunlight is important for your health, if properly dosed. Sunshower takes care of that. The Sunshower is specially designed for use in wet areas. You shower and sunshower at the same time.

With a correct, low dose of UV light, the body is stimulated to produce the all-important vitamin D. The result? You will feel more energetic and have a healthy color. The warm infrared light relaxes, stimulates circulation and relieves pain. Scientific research has shown that the Sunshower doubles the vitamin D level, while causing no additional skin damage.

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