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With a new kitchen comes a worktop. Your countertop is the most essential part of the workspace in your kitchen. At CEMA you can choose from different materials.



A plastic kitchen top stands for long and carefree use, affordable design! A plastic kitchen top is most often used in a kitchen. This is because a plastic kitchen top is very practical and also because this kitchen top offers many options, so you can completely tailor your kitchen top to your own taste.


In addition to the large choice of colours, you can give your kitchen worktop a personal touch thanks to the many options for edge finishes. For example, you can choose from: aluminum with HPL, wooden frames.



A very strong kitchen top with natural material and modern trendy colours. Composite is derived from the word composition, which means mixing / fusion of 2 or more materials.


Composite kitchen worktops are available in both glossy and matte colors, there is no difference in price.



The most beautiful creations are made from terrazzo. It is therefore almost irreverent to say that terrazzo is in fact nothing more than grains and stones, held together by cement. The color you add to the cement, the type of stones you choose and the way of grinding and finishing determine the appearance of the end product.


The great thing about terrazzo is that the possibilities are endless. For example, you can replace the stones with glass or shells. It is even possible to process metal objects.


Who says convenience, says Ceramic XL®. This worktop material is not only completely maintenance-free, you can also work on it every day without any worries. Because Ceramic XL® is heat, stain and scratch resistant, and moreover it is definitely not porous.


What makes this relatively new material in the kitchen world even more attractive to the modern consumer is its incomparably sleek appearance, which gives the kitchen its own stylish face.



A granite kitchen top is pure nature. Just as the stone is mined, it is also used for the blade; no ingredient is taken out or added to it anymore.


This robust material is not only virtually indestructible, but also very expressive. On a granite countertop, new patterns can be discovered all the time, and its shade adapts to the lighting and the design of the kitchen every time. And because no type of granite is the same, and even within the same quarry the color and structure of the stone still vary, every granite kitchen top is unique.


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